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If you are looking for a holiday with a wealth of history , culture,  good food and excellent wines - Sicily may well be the holiday for you!

On arrival we spent one night at Acacia Marina Palace in the resort of Ragusa di Marina.

This is a lovely hotel with just 90 rooms, recently renovated in June 2015. It is set amongst beautiful Mediterranean style gardens with its own private sandy beach. It is managed by the same family as the Acacia Resort near Cefalu, which is where we spent our second night.

The Acacia Resort is a modern, stylish hotel ideal for couples and families alike with many activities available from tennis and volleyball to relaxing on their private beach or why not take advantage of the hotels new panoramic rooftop spa?

I was fortunate enough to experience many of the Sicilian sights on an escorted tour with Travelsphere here is just a sampler of the sights we saw throughout the week.

Our first full day on the tour began with a guided walk through the beautiful  baroque town of Ragusa Ibla. We were shown the Portale di San Giorgio - the only original building that survived the earthquake of 1693 and beautiful churches Piazzo Duomo, San Giuseppe and the magnificent Basilica di San Giorgio. We then moved on to Agrigento and had a tour of the Valley of the Temples and saw the remains of three temples - Juno, Concordia and Hercules. 



We couldn't visit Italy without a visit and lunch to the wonderful Barone di Villagrande vineyard situated on the lower east side of Mt Etna.

The wife of the owner of the vineyard kindly showed us around their cellar where originally the wine making process was done over three levels, starting with the treading of the grapes. She explained the process now done in modern times and the maturing processes of the wines. We got the opportunity over lunch to sample their produce! 



What could possibly end this fabulous week in Sicily better than a visit up Sicily's most famous tourist attraction and Europe's highest volcano - Mount Etna?!

Standing a massive height of 3,343 meters and for its repeated eruptions over the last few years, now considered to be one of the most active volcanoes in the world.

The damage this volcano has caused over the recent years became so apparent on our drive up to volcano. High walls of solid black rock that would once of been scorching hot lava. We even saw what was once a house buried in the lava rubble.

We took a cable car up to 2,935 meters where the views of the island below were simply breathtaking. 


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