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COVID-19 Update - A note to our customers

The Bay Travel Team are working from home and we are happy to help with any travel related questions. Whether you booked with us or not, we would like to help! 

If you are thinking about your next holiday, please do get in touch, we are beginning to see bookings come back in and we’re happy to help you explore some options and can offer flexibility to spread the overall cost. 

No doubt you may have some questions about any upcoming travel and we have put together some FAQs here. If you would like to discuss any of these further, please call us on 01524 422 444.

We’re confident we’ll come through the other side of this. We’ve faced challenges in the past and will continue to in the future, because that’s the nature of business and travel, BUT at Bay Travel we’re adaptable and resilient and we will work hard to ensure we remain YOUR travel agent, YOU can trust! In the meantime, we all tread on a lot of uncertainty and must take each day as it comes.

We want to thank our loyal and supportive customers, your words of encouragement are keeping us smiling and motivated as we overcome the challenges of existing bookings and work our way through the information being released, each day.

We want you to know we are still able to book holidays for 2021 and we’re still able to research and share inspiration about future travel plans you may have been dreaming about during lockdown. We’re also positive about the second half of 2020 so please do not hesitate to call us if you would like to chat about any options. As always, you will not have any pressure put on you to book. Plus, we miss you all and would love to chat!

Sending you all love in these challenging times.

From all at The Bay Travel Team

Bay Travel has been offering customers the finest in bespoke holiday packages since 1981 as an independent travel agents operating in the North West.

Based in the heart of Morecambe, the team at Bay Travel will offer you independent advice on your holiday requirements. Here at Bay Travel we believe in offering you the best holiday package for you and working with you to match any other offers that you may have found. Our ethos is based on providing our customers with the holiday that is right for you and going above and beyond to find you the destination of your dreams.  

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You’ve worked really hard for your holiday and it is probably one of the biggest purchases you will make this year. Here at Bay Travel we know that consumer and financial protection is key. 

Our experienced team can guide you through and explain what protection your holiday will have. 

  • Bay Travel is a member of ABTA No: 4462X
  • We follow ABTA's code of conduct
  • We only use ATOL protected tour operators ensuring financial protection
  • Bay Travel adheres to all UK travel legislation so you can be assured of consumer protection
  • We offer competitive travel insurance

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